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Month: November 2019

legalities and types and it's astrological connection and significance

legalities and types and it’s astrological connection and significance

INTRODUCTION:- Legalities are the issues or endeavor which are demanded or approved by law or court of Justice.For example- The difference between a wife and a concubine or a slave whore is merely a legal one of formal registration, ceremony and other legalities with documents that we call registered and legalized marriage where the latter one…
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mercury in 2nd house


INTRODUCTION:-  Mercury is a planet of intellect,speech,education,perception, negotiation,diplomatic ability and communication. it rules over our day to day daily life affair. Mercury when well placed in horoscope provide short travels and journeys , intuitive power, writing ability and ability in mathematics and occult science.Mercury is an impotent sexless and flexible planet. This   second house (2nd house)…
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rahu in second house


INTRODUCTION:- Rahu and Ketu mostly destroys the significance of the house they posited in or the lord of that given house or with the planet they conjuct.  Therefore, Rahu and Ketu do not give without causing some hindrances and loss. one hand you take and other hand you have to pay. Rahu in 2nd house…
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INTRODUCTION:-  The 2nd  shadow planet Ketu is one of the most malefic planet, pain inflicting planet in one’s life and causes sufferings and detachment.  Ketu symbolizes detachment and attainment of higher knowledge and pshyic  or occult tantra or mantra prowess or vast skill in occult mystic science professed the Indian  vedic astrology and also in…
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INTRODUCTION:-  2nd house belongs to Venus   arch rival or enemy planet Jupiter (as a karak planet) and it is  the own house  mooltrikona house of Venus (sign Taurus). 2nd house (house of savings and family) is one of the best placements for Venus as it signifies splendid wealth , luxury with power and popularity. However,…
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Saturn in 2nd house

INTRODUCTION:- Saturn in 2nd house of wealth accumulation, immediate family and speech makes you good with money management and savings as these people whose Saturn is in 2nd house of his or her natal chart believe in savings and are quite steady, balanced in their money dealings and practical in nature. They value their heritage…
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MOON in 3rd house effect and result

INTRODUCTION:- The main result of Moon in the 3rd house is that the individual is very moody and lethargic sometimes lazy with careless attitude. If the mind is in right zone and positive and mental state is happy then they tends to work hard, and they do so with full enthusiasm and dedication but if…
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blog on SUN in 3rd house result and effect

INTRODUCTION:-   Sun in 3rd house is one of the better positions of Sun in a horoscope chart of a native. it bestows success in every single endeavour which native start from his or her  own wish and wisdom or is assigned to indulge or undertake. It yields success in political field or political contacts and…
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