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rahu in second house

INTRODUCTION:- Rahu and Ketu mostly destroys the significance of the house they posited in or the lord of that given house or with the planet they conjuct.  Therefore, Rahu and Ketu do not give without causing some hindrances and loss. one hand you take and other hand you have to pay. Rahu in 2nd house can make you enough wealthy for a time being but there will be the lack of family pleasures or vice versa. They never will be satisfied with their wealth,status and overall aspects of life.Therefore, native having Rahu in 2nd house runs after money or they have high ambitions of making quick instant short-cut money. Their entire life will go into dealing cruxes of unacquired money or in acquiring of others wealth and solving the family or illegal issues.   Rahu in 2nd house can turns beggars into millionaires and the millionaires into beggars. Rahu in 2nd house causes imprisonment or court cases with dispute or indulgence in illegal affairs.

Rahu is not considered an auspicious  planet in Astrology, it is a malefic planet and 2nd house is the house of wealth, family and family environment. Therefore, the person may grow up in an uncanny unwanted environment and the parents, family or the native himself is not so good at maintaining traditional value of religion,culture or society and legacy. that we can see in other families. Rahu in 2nd house indicates that native or native’s family will see sudden burst or surge of wealth of richness and then after sometime sudden downfall of prestige, income and property in his or her family and ruining of money and they will suffer from poverty once in their life time. With rahu in 2nd house, these natives may find strong bond or  attachments with their grandfather or grandmother.

The Result of Rahu in 2nd house vary from person to person because of different sign in the 2nd house of different people having the same planet rahu in 2nd house as because of different lordship due to change of signs. As, lordship varies from Aries sign in 2nd house to Pisces sign in 2nd house. We should also check the sign,aspects,conjunction and nakshatra constellation for prolific and detailed accurate prediction.


(2ND HOUSE):-   Rahu in 2nd bhav or house aspects the 8th house directly causes and bestows sudden income gain to native in form of black money,lottery and also native shows  interest in occult science or magnetism theory or in physic mystic world. They may also opt for deep research in the subject of philosophy. Rahu in 2nd house gives the person very analytical and sharp mind with the sense and talent of conviction and convinces large group of people all together but using of foul language and sharp and harsh words can affect the native’s popularity in a negative way.Native may suffer from bad breadth or any kind of mouth infection and sometimes mouth cancer due to intoxication issue.  He or she may die due to biting of snake. the urge and  carving desire for non-vegetarian and rich food and liquor or wine will be tremendous which will cause long health issue for the native.The person uses foul and bitter language though he/she may be honest or speaking the truth. They are good at speaking and learning of foreign languages. Those having  Rahu in 2nd house in his or her horoscope chart people are good at attracting attention with their words and jolly but pretentious nature or behaviour. They will have high ambitions of making or attaining large sum of  money, which can be through real estate,stock market, speculations and foreign lands.

Rahu in 2nd house gives money only after much opposition and struggle but not before 34 years of age. Native will plan and acquire money from various means but in an unethical way.

LOVE LIFE:-  Love matters of native remain exciting and hot with lot of impulse and action oriented whose Rahu happens to be in his or her 2nd house in a horoscope chart. love affairs of these native comes in fore-front in his or her life and comes on the surface in the knowledge of everyone in society,school or college and gets popular and talked about in circles  relatives,friends and family which causes bad name gain for the native. Their behaviour goes to extreme when it comes to love connection as their emotions and care swings much high or low depends on their mood. if they happens to be in love then they can go any extreme for their partner happiness and can also go to other side of extreme to cause suffering to their love partner if they gets angry or disappointed or after separation and break up. They tends to become chaser and stocker sometimes too.

MARRIAGE :- Rahu  in 2nd house will cause trouble in marriage life of native,does not matter weather it is love or arranged marriage. Natives family and  married life may suffer a lot due to this axis of Rahu and Ketu in 2nd and 8th house. Natives family and married life lacks peace,faithfulness ,trustworthiness and suffers from infidelity or loyalty issue. Both spouses cheats each other in this case and may become detached with each other permanently.They fails to cope with complexity and vulnerability of conjugal life and lacks love and care for partner. They carve for much bed pleasure with several partners outside marriage.

CAREER:-Such native whose rahu in 2nd house can work wonderfully well in field of healing or as a gym trainer and nutritionist or as a yoga teacher. Rahu is actually our obsession, desire,illusion and craziness for unfinished goal especially materialistic goal in past life. Foreign elements, electronics things, new dna age technology , can learn the art of magic or become magician , healer , researcher who think out of the box & it can also breaks traditional rules & and systematic process or regulation. Rahu desires and craves for sex,lust,materialistic things , status , name & fame in most easy & shortcut way . So native have his or her own ambitious , dreams , desire , craziness due to this Rahu in 2nd house by breaking all norms,customs,traditions and family legacies and they chalk out or acquire a separate pathway in their career leaving behind family income and family business.

Such native can also taste success in political line and may win election to become authoritative minister of a town,city or state.


The person also acquires mastery over languages, often to be associated with high-ranking bloodlines and historic values. Native may also uplift his or her status from second marriage. Such people get attracted to knowledgeable and socially privileged people. When afflicted, Rahu in 2nd house causes stammering, speech disorders, separation from family, poverty, discords with relatives, dissatisfaction and mixed lineage.If Rahu in 2nd house is beneficial in good dignity and sign without any affliction or aspect of enemy or malefic planets,then native becomes be very affluent with access to life comforts and riches to enjoy, flair for tasty foods, alcohol and non-vegetarian foods. Person may have a great sexual desire and lustful drive. Many politicians have this position of Rahu in their horoscopes. Rahu in the 2nd house needs to take care of his irregular food habits which will hamper his well being; he or she may develop alcohol or drugs habits or may deal in illegal drug supply. Rahu in 2nd house will disturb the family ambience or environment because the  2nd house rahu  is 6th from 9th which would cause give hostile treatment from father figure.

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