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INTRODUCTION:-  The 2nd  shadow planet Ketu is one of the most malefic planet, pain inflicting planet in one’s life and causes sufferings and detachment.  Ketu symbolizes detachment and attainment of higher knowledge and pshyic  or occult tantra or mantra prowess or vast skill in occult mystic science professed the Indian  vedic astrology and also in other branches of astrology as well.The placement of ketu in 2nd house would provide various effects and impacts on the native male or female depending upon the other planetary placements in the horoscope chart as the benefic position of Ketu could take the native towards financial and professional heights  in a short span of time  but for a short period of time while the adverse placement could bring malefic effects of ketu in native’s  life but when  2nd house ketu is in strength and there is no malefic effect on ketu in a native’s horoscope chart in the 2nd house then, you are likely to be a learned and knowledgeable individual. You are someone who  is naive talks and thinks wisely. You are likely to be quite expressive, and well versed in foreign languages. Position of Ketu in 2nd house also gives a serious approach and a goal oriented discipline mindset and  perspective towards life. Such a person is also likely to be very knowledgeable but fond of short term success or benefits and gets involved in many endeavours and indulgences.

Ketu is not an actual planet but a shadow planet which is represents node of the Moon that is south node of the Moon. On one side, Ketu identify itself to Karma, causes the results of the deeds or work god or bad you performed in past life and on the other side, it implies or signifies spirituality, liberation, and discovery of many theories over occult science and other mysteries of life.  It is the planet of detachment; it takes away comforts of life and luxurious things for greater good of soul searching when posited in 2nd house after middle age of life. 

The Result of Ketu in second house vary from person to person because of different sign in the 2nd  house of different people having the same planet ketu in 2nd house; as because of different lordship due to change of signs. As, lordship varies from Aries sign in  2nd house to Pisces sign in 2nd house. We should also check the sign,aspects,conjunction and nakshatra constellation for prolific and detailed accurate prediction.

GENERAL EFFECT:-  Ketu in 2nd House usually gives speech  and vision or eyesight related issues such as impairment, lisping, hesitation and  signifies nervousness etc. They usually are bad speakers in public platforms.

The malefic placement of Ketu in 2nd house will take the native towards  aimless wandering from place to place without any benefits or outcome in the early part of his or her life but the native will have a good income after his or her 24th year of age but it also implies expenditures of the native will outshine the income of the native.

The planet Ketu in 2nd house cause disease of nerves or heart and sometimes causes heart attack. The South Node of Moon (Ketu) in 2nd house implies mental agitation and instability in the life affairs of a person.

when ketu posited in 2nd house,then native starts working and earning from the age of 24 and  the exalted or strong own sign placement of Jupiter in the 2nd house in conjunction with  Ketu would brings really high income to the native.

The placement of Moon or Mars in the eighth house will bestows shorter life span or longevity  to the native along with serious problems at the age of  16 to 20.

individuals  with ketu in 2nd house should always take better care of their ear,nose and throat, particularly against any mild injury and they should take extra precaution or  care against injury to the skull, lest it might lead to neurological ailment sooner or later in life.

KETU IN 2ND HOUSE AND LOVE MATTERS:-  Love matters of the native whose having ketu in 2nd house of his or her horoscope remains dull and not enticing and exciting at all. These natives rarely fall in love and if they do then it only happens for a short period of time as clandestine or secretive affair.


 Whenever ketu happens to be posited in 2nd house in a horoscope of individual male or female then his or her spouse  tends to gain weight rapidly  after marriage. Inspite of gifted witt and knowledge by ketu in 2nd house, the individual is unable to synchronize  with the mentality and nature,behaviour with own spouse, which leads to detachment, isolation or aloofness time to time in the conjugal life of native and it causes separation too in many cases.  These natives tends to be miser in their married life and  avoid shopping,gifting or borrowing anything for his or her  spouse.


Male or female  native with ketu in  2nd house (Dhana Bhav) is not very positive placement in terms of finance and family matters as Ketu being absorptive planet. Prone to fraudulent acts and deception in financial matters, may have to sell out or mortgage properties or jewelries in order to fulfill liabilities.

Ketu in 2nd house of a horoscope makes native god fearing and  they follow right path to earn money as honestly as possible. Ketu in malefic sign in bad dignity in a horoscope causes illicit indulgence to earn money and it could lead to court cases or jail too. Ketu in second house individual will get success in preaching, teaching, spirituality, navigation, mystical sciences or occult, serving humans in  hospitals as nurse,doctor etc.


When Ketu is afflicted or  malefic sign in this  2nd house position, it can lead to or causes  speech disorders like stammering  or in dialect or uttering problem in asserting communicative form and problems in learning,performing and memory sight and sometimes eye vision too. Such a person has to depends upon others for his work or livehood and remain subservient to many people for his well-being. Ketu here also increases expenses and causes eye related problems. Their manner  of communication lacks charm politeness and courtesy. they follow and utter straight forward path or words too sometimes in harsh tone or manner.they tends to be very secretive individual and ketu represents detachment or isolation and in 2nd house. Ketu in 2nd house isolates the person from his blood family and relatives. Such a native always find tough and struggle  much to maintain good or even cordial relationship with family members. Chances of loss of wealth due to punishment from government or agencies and litigation is also possible.

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