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legalities and types and it’s astrological connection and significance

legalities and types and it’s astrological connection and significance

legalities and types and it's astrological connection and significance

INTRODUCTION:- Legalities are the issues or endeavor which are demanded or approved by law or court of Justice.For example- The difference between a wife and a concubine or a slave whore is merely a legal one of formal registration, ceremony and other legalities with documents that we call registered and legalized marriage where the latter one can be said clandestine affair.

 The subject of the any matter when accordance with law can be termed legalized and co-relation with it terms for different subject of the matter known as legalities.

legalities and types and it’s astrological connection and significance :-

Legalities in life is a unique aspect and part of our life for some significant rare occurrence incidents  in our life or important events.

1) WOMEN LEGALITIES- Women related queries or thoughts precedes in our mind as it’s a natural gift from Nature. 7th house in a kundli is a prime factor for opposite gender in our life.so from 7th house of a horoscope we overview things related to spouse i.e. women in a sense if you happens to be a male.But  as we classify women legalities in different part ,we have to dig deep in our kundli chart. Moon and Venus in our horoscope are the prime planets to signify and denote our relationship with women or feminine gender. Malefic influence on moon or Venus or  malefic aspect of Rahu or Saturn and sometimes Sun  on 7th house or on Moon and Venus can impact our relationship and bond with feminine gender in a negative way. 
MOTHER ISSUE- 4th house in a  kundli deals with our mother  or Grand Mother or a guardian who is as dear to us as mother and more. overall,well being of mother can be denoted by 4th house, 4th house lord and aspects of planets on 4th house or  the planet sitting in 4th house. Malefic aspect of Sun,Saturn,Rahu or Ketu on this house or their lordship or their occurrence and position in 4th house can damage and impact the health of our Mother,Grandmother in a negative way and sometimes it also spoils our bond with them and hampers native relationship with them.
MOTHER IN LAW-10th house- we get know to know about our mother in law or maternal aunt from our 10th house and it’s lord with planet sitting in the 10th house or aspecting the 10th house.
9th house of a horoscope sometimes also represents our maternal aunt, grandmother,and also sister in law. MOON  and Venus is the planet that deals with feminine gender closely especially when we are dealing it with our blood relatives specifically.
if Moon or Venus comes in association with functional malefic planet in a native horoscope or in aspect of Rahu,Saturn or Sun hampers native relationship with them.
GIRLFRIEND  OR LOVE PARTNER OR SPOUSE ISSUE:- when it comes to significance of love/marriage or love bonds and partnership then 7th house and 5th house  of our kundli  bestows it’s importance in our life very ardently with it’s full potential.5th house implies on love and romance and affairs of women in our life and the efforts that we put in our love life or affairs of women whereas, 7th house deals with permanent love bond and marriage and spouse in our life or simply put our better half or some significant relationship with women which imparts lasting effect in our life generally and it also bestows commitment with women in our daily life. Venus and Moon are the planets that signify love and relationship with women specifically. 
D9 and D7 chart in our horoscope do play a significant role too. 7th lord in malefic influence or in 6th,7th 12th house causes temporal  separation to permanent one depends on overall dynamics of the horoscope. 5th lord in 6th,8th 12th or under malefic aspect of Saturn,Sun,Rahu causes failures in love affairs and drag them in court cases sometimes.Native ears bad name too sometimes.
Malefic Mars and Saturn or Rahu in 7th house  or 12th house causes separation or divorce and materialistic loss to the the native.
2) CAREER RELATED LEGALITIES:- 10th house of our horoscope deals with the prime significance of our career and career routine and changes.10th house also deals with money we make out of our profession or working life.Planets in 10th house or aspects of planets on 10th house denotes the ladder of success and failure in our career or profession and lord of 10th house denotes the type of work or mode of work native does with respect to it’s position and aspects it gives and receives. The nature of work of a native can also be gazed by sign of ascendant or the sign posited in 10th house by our D1chart or lagna kundli. Sometimes  Sun Sign can also gives hint towards  the type of profession one admire or adore. D10 chart in our horoscope conveys  a lot about our career and profession too. Aatmakarak (planet with highest degree in our kundli chart) and Amatyakarak( planet with 2nd highest degree in our kundli chart) are the planets which enroute the path of our career and bestows the true potential in a certain sector in a natives professional life which can be substantial for their growth and success in their professional life.
Lord of 10th house in 8th,9th or 12th house bless native’s career related to overseas dealings or career in foreign land. But aspect of Rahu,Saturn and sometimes weak malefic mars on 10th house  or 10th lord causes lot of sufferings, failures with loss of money in their professional life and sometimes makes native fall from authoritative position and loss  of reputation. Association of Saturn and Rahu or Saturn and Moon cause imprisonment  to a native by blackmailing or certain dishonesty issues done by native in their professional life especially when connected to 9th,10th or 12th house.
3) TRAVEL RELATED LEGALITIES OR ISSUE:-  Long travel or journeys outside country or through passing of seas or the other side of seas denoted by 8th house,9th house and 12th house in our horoscope. whereas, 3rd house  and sometimes 11th house denotes about the short journeys or travel which we would have in our lifetime.Documentation is a big part or plays a big role when we migrate to another country. 3rd house deals with legalities of paper work when we migrate to another country but shifting and citizenship always one should decide by checking his or her 9th and 12th house. 8th house generally bestows information about the earnings which one have after working in a foreign country temporarily but it does not give permanent residency or citizenship of an another country. citizenship and residency always acquired by 9th and 12th house of our horoscope. Horoscope dominated by air or water sign signifies lot of travels in natives life.
4) FINANCE RELATED LEGALITIES OR ISSUE-  2nd house in our horoscope deals with our liquid cash and inherited money from our father and fore fathers but 11th house deals with the our income,savings and gains we posses from self effort. 7th house deals with our daily or regular source of income too.Planets,sign, aspects and the condition of lordship of these given houses determines the quantity of money and profits with gains and savings of native wealth in his or her life. the regular money flow of liquid cash determined by our 2nd house and savings of our liquid cash and other perks and gains always denoted by 11th house.
Native may find himself in shortage of money or lack of liquid cash or improper and inadequate bank balance or savings if Saturn or Rahu aspects 2ndhouse or it’s lord or if any debilitated planet posited in 2nd house and 11th house and their lordship is in debilitated sign or in malefic aspect.
5) PROPERTY OR ASSETS RELATED LEGALITIES OR ISSUE:- 4th house and it’s lordship determines about our house,land,other assets or fixed deposits in our life.Mars and Saturn are the prime factors or the planet which deals about land ownership,inheritance of property, mining and building of houses,towers or flats.Aspect of Mars,Saturn ,4th lord and aspect of planets in 4th house determines the final outcome related to property issues or disputes.
  Native may find himself or herself in litigation of land or house related  dispute or other property disputes  and may lead to lot of struggle in court cases for long time when 4th house lord or malefic Mars  and Saturn remain in malefic or debilitated state in a native horoscope and malefic aspect on 4th house can also cause many hindrances related to real estate business or in the process of owing  property and some legal paper work.  
6) CRIMINAL RELATED LEGALITIES OR ISSUE:-   Malefic Placement  of Rahu,Saturn and Mars signifies criminal mindset. With bad deposition in nakshatra( constellation) degrees or  lordship  of 6th ,8th or 12th house or placement in 6th,8th or 12th house may also inspire a person to involve in criminal case or activities. Rahu plays a significant role in the endeavor of murder or rape and by chance if native have weak moon in malefic or negative sign then criminal tendencies becomes volatile and part of his or her regular life. The combination of rahu and Saturn in 6th,8th or 12th house can also make you a thief, murderer  or rapist. 
Weak 6th or 12th lord or malefic planets in 6th,8th 12 involves the native into criminal court case legalities whereas,Malefic rahu and Saturn position can land you in prison for short or long time depends on the placement of Moon and Jupiter along with Sun.
7) EDUCATION RELATED LEGALITIES OR ISSUES:-  4th house  is house of Primary to Secondary  Education and 5th house denotes about our undergraduate degree and mode of Education. But after all of this, 9th house and it’s lord signify or denote about our higher education ,merits and research work and experiments.4th house and it’s lord asserts about our school life education and 5th house with 5th lord in our horoscope determines about our college life and college level education whereas, 9th house and it’s lord deals with our university level degree and other higher education process,merits,degrees,experiments and some research work in a natives study or education life or sector.Jupiter plays a significant role in our overall education and learning prospects with wisdom in our regular life. 
Jupiter or mercury placement in 2nd or 6th or 8th or in 12th house causes a sudden but temporary break in Education.
But, when lord of 4th,9th or 5th happens to be in a debilitated state or in aspect of malefic planets or happens to be posited with Saturn,Rahu,Ketu causes obstruction and delays in getting good marks or facilitated degrees of college and universities and sometimes cause hindrances in getting education or degree in abroad too. Debilitated Mercury or Malefic Mercury signifies failure or permanent break in education.

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